About Show Me's

Show-Me's restaurants are wing, burger, and seafood establishments -- an all around

casual atmosphere. We are committed to providing our customers with a distinctive dining experience in a fun, relaxed environment delivered by attractive, model quality Show-Me's servers.

The casual atmosphere includes a host of large, high definition panel TVs that cover the interior of the restaurant. Other spaces on the walls and ceilings are filled with photos of our servers, some of whom have gone on to modeling and theatrical careers, sports memorabilia, or dollar bills that customers have autographed to commemorate their good time.

Our original tag line, "Show-Me's, when you have an appetite for fun"is the overall theme of the restaurant. Quality food and beverages at a great price are also part of our commitment to our guests. We have an extraordinary focus on friendly service, fun, food, and the meaning of the value of a dollar. In addition, sports of all kinds are always readily available on our many large screen televisions.

We are fun, edgy, and full of energy. We are a sports-themed restaurant that caters to all ages and types of people.

Who is a Show-Me's Girl:

First and foremost, she is a waitress. Her role in a Show-Me's restaurant is vital. She is our face to the public. A Show-Me's Girl is attractive, fun-loving, and good at her job. She is one of the foundations of the Show-Me's concept. In addition to waiting tables, you may find the Show-Me's Girls making special appearances for promotional and charity events throughout their community.

Guys think they're great. Grandmas think they�re cute.

Typically, 60 to 70% of Show-Me's Girls are likely to be college students. 70 to 80% are former cheerleaders, dance team members, high school and college athletes, and aspiring models. Most, starting at an early age, are fun-loving go-getters with greater aspirations for later life. Many of our former Show-Me's Girls have gone on to reach their goals of becoming a lawyer, teacher, social worker, nurse, chiropractor, pilot, NFL cheerleader, model, etc. We are proud of them and, for us, success for a Show-Me's Girl is far greater than what they are today but, rather, what we hope to foster in them for all their tomorrows.

Where did the Show-Me's name come from:

Believe it or not, the hardest decision was coming up with the name. Twenty years ago, the decision to start in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area led them to consider the state nickname "The Show-Me State" which is printed on all license plates in the state. The story of the origin of that as a state nickname is interesting and can be read about if anyone googles "The Missouri State Nickname. And so it was --- Show-Me's Restaurants. Even today, the original and current logo is modeled after a license plate and can be found on uniforms, signs, menus, and any and all printed materials.